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Startup Search directory data

Startup Search assembles publicly available data on the web technology startup ecosystem. We also publish data provided directly to us by startups executives and investors featured on this site.

Startup Search currently focuses on companies and investors based in the United States. This restriction is temporary as we develop automated data gathering tools based on United States laws, common business practices, and local business sources. In the future we hope to add companies in other countries to the site as data integration allows.

Information collected by Startup Search is based on the best available public information and may not be entirely accurate.

Corporate data

Every corporation and limited partnership in the United States must file paperwork establishing the business entity in one or more states. Laws surrounding businesses structures such as an LLC, LLP, and corporations vary by state, based on taxation and shareholder protections. Many startups in the United States seeking to raise venture capital, issue preferred stock options, and shield wealthy individuals from direct liability choose to register their company in the state of Delaware and the state of residence of one or more founders. Limited liability and corporate record filings are available to the general public and have moved beyond file cabinets in a state capital and onto the public Internet in the past few years.

Startup Search collects information from limited liability and corporate data sources.

Funding data

A web technology startup might choose to fuel its growth with outside investment from friends, family, qualified wealthy individuals (angels), or a limited partnership managed by a venture capital firm. Funding events alter the structure of an established corporation, requiring a change of ownership filing at state and local levels.

Newly-formed startups divide ownership of each company and/or product subsidiary between one or more founders. It is also common to establish pools of options at the time of incorporation for startup advisors and future employees. A funding event typically involves the sale of privately held shares of a corporation in exchange for a cash investment, often creating new classes of preferred ownership with special corporate privileges. This sale of corporate interests requires a sale of securities document filing with a startup's home state and the United States Security and Exchange Commission.

Filings regarding the sale of securities in a web technology startup are a matter of public record. Startup Search reports on these activities using the most factual data available.

Funding data may also be gathered from company press releases, interviews, blog posts, or other publicly available data. Startup Search will sometimes report a rumored funding amount published by a major publication as these conjectures influence external interactions such as employee hiring and potential acquisitions.

People data

Startup Search collects information on key individuals within a corporation defining the future of products and service development. Personal information may be pulled from blog posts, social network profiles, directory listings, and search engines to assemble more data about key individuals inside a product or company.

We realize not every key person listed is an official employee of the company. Today's web technology startups are geographically dispersed, sourcing the best talent regardless of location. Employees outside of your home state may officially be listed as company contractors to cut legal overhead. We bypass those official definitions, recognizing key contributors to a product's success. We track each key contributor's location to better document the current state of distributed web workers.

Startup Search includes a picture of each person listed in our directory when available, building on previously instances of self promotion and company association. We prefer headshots that may help someone spot you at the next technology conference or other business function. We prefer images included as part of a site's management page or press kit but also use images from your personal site or blog's about page. If your company operates a site with public user profiles we will sometimes source an image from your site profile, as it may be seen as an extension of your corporate identity.

All photographs of key people are kept below 150 pixels in height, a restriction we believe falls with fair use provisions of United States copyright law, especially in the context of promoting yourself and your company.

Privileged information

Startup Search reports information available in a public forum. Members of the Startup Search editorial team often know more data than they are able to report, limiting our profiles to publicly disclosed data, or data provided by affected companies and investors with the explicit intention on inclusion on this site.

We enjoy actively engaging the startup community in open and honest conversation. We prefer engaging dialog over publishing one more fact.