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Startup Search Score

Startup Search computes unique scores and rankings for each product, company, investment partner, and investment firm we track. These scores are quick at-a-glance methods of understanding activity around a particular member of the web startup ecosystem. These scores are based on a proprietary Startup Search algorithm.

Portfolio scores

Startup Search computes unique scores for each tracked component on a daily basis. Scores are computed at the product level and inherited by other data components influencing the product's construction.

Each company has one or more products. Each investment partner funds one or more companies. Each investment firm or angel supplies the funds for one or more of its investment partners. Each stage of the product chain inherits scores from its member components, growing larger with increased participation.


The Startup Search buzz score measures conversations around a product or brand on the web and within blogs. We track unique citations excluding the originating site, total and unique links from the blogosphere, mentions within blog posts, and more. We also track the number of times someone searches foro a particular brand name, an indicator of word-of-mouth buzz from a new site audience.


The Startup Search traffic score measures a site's visitors and visitor behavior as reported by our traffic sources. We take into consideration total unique users, total visits, visits per user, and other metrics to gain further insight into a site's traffic behaviors.