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Startup Search statistical data

Startup Search collects data from a variety of sources to provide different views of a site's success and growth. We believe this data is best evaluated when combined in a single, easy to read display such as our product pages. These statistics are just a few ways the public Internet measures a site over time, and various methods have their strengths and their weaknesses.


Startup Search currently displays reach (users) and views statistics reported by Alexa on a daily basis. Alexa reports the total unique users visiting a site relative to the total number of unique users tracked by its system during a given day. A "reach" or user score of 10,000 means 1% of the total Internet population visited that site on a particular day. You may read more about Alexa traffic data on their website.

Alexa collects its Internet usage data from its Alexa Toolbar community. Current versions of the official toolbar require Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. Any site's actual traffic data may not be accurately reflected by the Alexa data community.


Startup Search displays a Quantcast graph showing the growth in unique users of a site and its identified competitors over time. Quantcast collects anonymous user data from ISP logs, advertisers, advertiser networks. Site publishers may opt-in to Quantcast's Quantified Publisher by including a JavaScript snippet on each page served. Quantified Publishers traffic data is more accurate and more frequently updated than other sites and their competitors. A Quantified Publisher will display weekly data inside graphs displayed on Startup Search, while a regular site will display only monthly data.

Data sources collected by Quantcast do not reflect the entire Internet and its users. Quantcast traffic observed and displayed on Startup Search may vary greatly from a publisher's true traffic data.


Startup Search displays a Compete Snapshot graph showing the growth in unique users of a site and its identified competitors over time. Compete tracks the online surfing behavior of over 2 million users each day. Users tracked by Compete include opt-in panelists and toolbar users combined with anonymous ISP data. Compete only collects data from Internet users in the United States.

Data sources collected by Compete represent only a small sample of Internet users and may not accurately reflect the true traffic numbers of any given site listed on Startup Search.