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Startup Search FAQ

Has our site left you scratching your head? Below are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions received during our testing phase.

How do you define "startup?"

Startup Search tracks new web technology companies at the beginning stages of their growth. A startup becomes a stand-alone small business in our mind if they have proven themselves within a market, have raised significant amounts of capital, and employ a large number of people. It's a fuzzy metric and a judgement call.

Why don't you track companies in Canada? Australia?

Startup Search would like to have ongoing data about each item covered in our listings. We currently best understand the business and investment market in the United States and need some time to fine-tune our collection and verification mechanisms. You may read more about some of our automated data collection techniques in our data disclosure page.

You seem biased towards technical employees.

Yep! Traditional business information sites focus on the right sales or business development pitch to your organization. We explicitly omit this information on Startup Search to keep the focus on products.

I noticed some inaccurate data. Can I correct it?

Sure! We do our best to collect the facts, but sometimes other people are in better positions to evaluate the current state of an item in our listings. Please contact us with any corrections.

My company is not listed. How do I join?

If you feel your web startup is a good candidate for our listings please contact us with basic information about your company such as company and product names, key people, and any funding rounds you wouldn't mind appearing on